Niche Site Projects List and Updates

Running a niche site project is always awesome. However I have the habit of doing multiple things at once. I already know that Google is going to take atleast 6 months to do anything on newer websites and hence I start multiple websites one after another. 

Number of niche site projects in progress:

  1. Niche site 1 AIE = Generating over $2K + …… 
  2. Niche Site 2 AP= Content Creation in Progress.
  3. Niche Site 3 WT= Started 1 month back. Only 2 articles till now.
  4. Niche Site 4 SL= Started few months back. Only 1 article till now. (Topic is bit out of my interest but can be a huge success.)
  5. Niche Site 5 OSG= Amazon Niche project. Getting around 25 visitors daily. No content updation from months. It generates few dollars.
  6. Niche Site 6 STP = Started around a month ago. Content creation in full progress. Close to 25 articles till now. 
  7. Niche Site 7 QT = Newest. Content is being analysed for writing.
  8. Niche Site 8 SFI = Purchased domain few days back. Starting content Creation Today. 
  9. Niche Site 9 KYB = Purchased domain name recently. Content creation in full progress.

Authority Website 1 = Running successfully from March 2013. Total traffic of around 7K daily. Generates revenue through Google Adsense, Amazon and Flipkart. 

I will be updating content on all the websites one by one over coming days. I am very hopeful for all these websites. I’m not that sure about Amazon niche site however I will be writing few more articles before I take it down. 

The only thing that I worry right now is SEO. I don’t do much of backlinking. I always create 2-3 back links from my own websites. Believe me if you have a right SEO on your website and your content is great then you will still rank in Google.

I will be sharing the story of Niche Site Project 1 which generates huge amount of revenue in upcoming post.

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