How to Setup a Personal Webpage from Scratch

A personal webpage can be setup within 30 minutes. People normally refer personal webpage as websites now a days. Creating a personal website is very important. There are many advantages of setting up a personal webpage/website. You can create your personal webpage even if you don’t know how to code. It’s not going to take more than 30 minutes as well.  Making a personal webpage is very easy now a days. You simply need to follow our step by step process to make a website from scratch. Before you begin, you need to know certain things about setting up a webpage. These are very important aspects before creating the personal webpage.

3 Things that you should keep in mind-

  1. Domain Name – It’s the name of your website. You need to choose a domain name to create your webpage. Follow guide: How to Choose a Perfect Domain Name (will open in another tab)
  2. Webpage Hosting – A personal webpage/website should be online 24*7. In order to make that happen you need to purchase website hosting package from companies. Bluehost and Hostgator are my 2 favorite companies. I have really good experience with them. Your website will be setup on the hosting space provided by these companies and it will also make sure that webpage remains online 24*7.
  3. Professional Webpage themes – Theme is basically a design of your webpage/website. Consider this website and how everything is represented on the top, in the right side. You don’t need to create a theme. There are already tons of people creating these. You simply need to invest few dollars to get a perfect theme for your website. MyThemeShop is a good website to purchase themes according to your profession. In fact it provides themes for every kind of business and personal creating work. You can use MTS51OFF coupon code to get 51% discount on every themes on the website.

These 3 are the most important things for your personal webpage. Let’s go more in detail-

Step by Step Complete tutorial (with pics): Make a Website from Scratch in 30 Minutes.

Domain Name – Domain name/website name can be purchased from number of websites like Bluehost and Hostgator If you already wrote few names according to the guide which I mentioned above then you are good to go. Register your domain name for atleast 1 year. If you register for more than 1 year the prices will come down per year. However, I suggest you to register for only 1 year. One domain name can be registered only once across the world. So if someone has taken then you can’t take it.

Before you register domain name let me tell you a trick. You will get a free domain name if you register for hosting on the same website. If you will separately register for hosting and domain then you have to pay for both.

Click on below links to register domain name separately –

You need to register only on 1 website out of 2 below:

Webpage Hosting – Website hosting is of many types. It depends on the number of visits. If you are starting for the first time then you will go for Shared Linux Hosting. Different types of hosting include windows hosting, vps hosting, dedicated servers. VPS and Dedicated are for bigger websites which get millions of visitors.

Click on below links to register for hosting.  It will ask for domain name. If you already purchased one from above links then you need to fill in details for that domain and if you didn’t then purchase a new domain name with hosting. It will be totally free with hosting.

You need to register only on 1 website out of 2 below:

Choose the lowest plan for webpage hosting. You don’t need to choose a pro or advanced plan. Choose the basic plan which is enough for your personal webpage. Overall you will be spending less than $70 per year which is totally affordable for anyone.

Follow our guide for Complete tutorial: Make a Website from Scratch in 30 Minutes.

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