How to Select Good Domain Name for Blogging

Domain name selection is very important to make good amount of money online. Domain names can be purchased by both individuals and companies. You can use those domain names for personal blogging, business and other purposes. While purchasing a website, you should know your purpose. The purpose of this article is to how to select a good domain name for making money for an individual just like you and me. Certainly, we can’t compete with bigger websites just by purchasing a random domain name. Yes, it can be ranked well over a period of time by following certain strategies. Still, there is a chance that random purchased domain name thing may not work for you.

There are number of points to be kept in mind while buying the domain name. A good domain name will help you get good amount of money after some time. Yes, it takes around 6 months for a new website to get a decent traffic from Google. The traffic depends upon the quality of content that you wrote in those 6 months. There are many other things which we will come across in other parts of this series.

Let’s get straight to the point of domain names. I am giving you a step by step process as how to think, search and finally purchase it.

  1. “What are you going to write about?” Is it about entertainment, cricket, Computer tips and tricks, nature, photography etc? It’s very important to know about the topic selection and how much can you diversify it. I always suggest you to choose something in which you have huge amount of interest. A random selected topic will lead you nowhere. People start and then stop after some days because they run out of ideas. Don’t create such situation and choose something out of your interests.
  2. List all the possible domain names that you can think of. It can be one letter, 2 letters and 3 letters. Write all those possible names which people can remember easily. Remember, it should contain at least one word of your interest. If its photography then make sure photograph or photography like words are included. This will ensure that you will rank higher on Google.
  3. Search the domain name availability on major websites such as Godaddy for USA and BIGROCK for India. I am suggesting BIGROCK for Indian people as their customer service is really good. I am using it and that’s why I am recommending it. Rest is up to you.
  4. Choose a top level TLD for your domain name. TLDs are .COM, .NET, .INFO,.ORG and many more. If your website is specifically about a certain country then choose that countries TLD. Suppose your website topic is limited in India only then you must choose .CO.IN, .IN TLDs. Somehow Google gives preference to these when someone searches on Google India. If your topic is something about which is internationally searched then use .COM or .NET TLDs.
  5. Once you find your suitable domain name according to the criteria above then you can go ahead and purchase it. Domain name cost is very cheap now days. Normally It’s around $10 after discount on major websites like Bigrock, hostgator or godaddy.

Tip: Use coupons for discounts. Most of the time, you will easily get a 10% discount on purchase of domain names.

It’s the normal way of purchasing the domain names. There is another way of selection which I am using now days. This one is totally based on Google monthly search numbers and competition level.

Have you ever heard about Google Keywords tool or Google Keywords Planner? It’s available in the Google Adwords account and you can sign in with your Google ID to access it. It’s totally free and you can use it as long as you want. You will also get free credits on your first sign in to advertise through Google Adwords.

After you list the domain names on a paper (STEP 2 above), follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to Google Adwords and open Google Keywords Planner.
  2. Start searching the terms that you just wrote starting with the most favorable one.
  3. Hundreds of results will appear showing you the monthly and annual searches along with competition level and CPC (Click per Cost).
  4. On the right hand side, limit the monthly searches to 5000, Competition= Low. Now you can see refined results again.
  5. The idea is to pick that name which has almost 5000 monthly searches with low competition and high CPC. High CPC will make sure that you get more money per click on number of ads by Adsense. Don’t go beyond 5K searches. It gets harder to rank if you are new to this thing.
  6. Remember: 3K-5K Monthly Search, Low Competition,High CPC (Anything $1 and above )
  7. Beside these, you will also get number of other keywords which are searched on Google everyday related to your topic and you can be more sensible in deciding your domain name.
  8. Note down all which satisfies the above criteria. Now search the same on ,Bluehost, BIGROCK and GODADDY. Purchase the one which is available.
  9. One more thing: Most of the time, you will not get it easily so what you need to do is add another extra term to that. Terms like guide, funda etc. can be added along with names that you just searched.
  10. Biggest thing: Don’t compensate with TOP LEVEL TLDs. Domain providing websites will show you other TLDs on which you searched domain name will be available. Don’t purchase them. Buy only as suggested in the first method.

Combine these both methods and you will end up with a good domain name. Sometimes taking the exact match keyword domain name may not work in Google as many webmasters reported it. Google keeps updating the algorithm and it’s one of changes made years ago which doesn’t gives importance to exact matched domain names to the search queries.

One more thing…

If you find something really good which can make a good amount of money then NEVER reveal you domain name or ideas to anyone else on any website. There are copycats and I have seen the effects of revealing the domain name.

Got any queries? Hit me back with a comment!

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