How To Make Money Online For Teens & Adults

There are multiple ways for a teenager to make money online. The last thing you need is free time, a good idea and a lot of initial hard work. Age is not a restriction for making money online. There are many reason as why we want to earn money as a teenager. There are many foolish reasons too and you have to do hard work to earn money to fulfil your wishes.

Earning money online has multiple benefits for you and your parents. I believe that it makes you more responsible than before. You will be encountering endless problems while trying to work online and you will be the only one to solve all the problems. Many times you will be the only one trying to make money from home in your circle of friends.

Believe me, you are going to acquire a lot of knowledge in the process. It’s not just about making money. It will enhance your present skill, going to teach some new skills, increase your confidence and will bring you hidden talent in front of you. It’s awesome, exciting and full of online adventures.

The Real Truth

You must have read many other articles regarding earning money online as teenager. Number of websites tell you to register on many places like search sites, pay to view sites, pay to click sites, surveys, reading emails etc. However these websites don’t tell you the main thing. By doing all the above tasks, you are going to earn pennies. It requires a lot of hard work and specially time to earn a decent income from such work by doing from home.

How many hours can you spend on doing such things? As a teenager you need to study and do your regular house chores beside many other things. I always believe in long term goals. You should do something which can make you money for years to come. You will not make any money the time you stop working on the above mentioned work.

Ways to Make Money Online

I am going to list down some of the best long term methods to earn money online as teenager. Remember these things might not fetch you money in initial days but there will be no stopping once they begin. I did the same while I was a teenager and it’s benefiting me till now. For example : You are on this page reading my article!

1. Blogging/Writing

Many of you will get confused straight away. What is blogging? How to blog? Where to blog? I’m not a writer then how will I do it? It’s much easier than you think. It pays you more money too over a period of time. Probably it will even pay your college debt if you will start at this age.

Make Money Online Blogging

There are number of ways to blog. You need a blog to start. A Blog is basically a website where you can post articles regarding some topic in which you are interested. You can get free blog website on internet. Here are few popular website to start you blog in the next 5 minutes for free:

  1. Blogger – Blogging platform by Google
  2. WordPress – 2nd best blogging platform on Internet

Create your free blogging website on these 2 websites. You simply need to sign in with your Gmail ID on Blogger and you will be create your blog in less than 5 minutes. Register on any 1 of them. Choose a good template for your blog.

What are you going to write?

I agree that many of you are not born writers but you are not a fool as well. Even I struggled to write a complete article in my initial days but there goes a saying “Practice make a man perfect.” If I can do it, you can too.

Here are 2 best topics that you can start writing on your blog:

  1. Write about your hobby or interests (Sports, Movies, TV series, Study related things etc.)
  2. Write product reviews. ( Pick a product from website and write your review)

If you start writing about sports then keep writing about sports. Don’t mix up everything. Write like an expert so that people want to read and visit your blog/website again. This process takes time. Search for best topics to write in your hobby area. Don’t ever copy paste someone article. Google knows everything. Copying will not help you get your blog to appear in Google. Yes, when you will write then your blog/website will appear in results just like you see other website when you search for a query. That’s how you are going to make money from people visiting your website.

You can refer to this article: How to write a great blog content

Writing Product Reviews – Do you know you can make money from Amazon and few other websites if someone purchases something through your link? It’s called Affiliate program. You can become an Amazon Affiliate to earn money via their affiliate program. Choose a product from Amazon in which you are interested in and write a review on it. You can also see their best sellers list and most wished item list to get an idea about hot products are being sold.

If you have some money to invest then you can start your own website and can do some serious work on that. Check our step by step guide to create a website from scratch in 30 minutes.

2. Revenue Sharing Websites

There are number of websites which share their revenue with all the people participating in their program. Most of these websites are based on one thing that you should write for them. Yes, if you know how to write a good article then you will easily earn money from revenue sharing websites. Some websites allow you to post videos and images too through which you can earn money. Teenagers can easily join these programs. If there is any age restriction then you can ask your parents to register under their name.

Register on any one of these websites for free. Read more about their money sharing program on their website and work according to that. Once you write an article it will earn for you lifetime.

Here is the list of top popular revenue sharing websites which give your income from multiple sources such as Google Adsense, Amazon Affiliate program and their inhouse revenue sharing.

  1. Hubpages
  2. Infobarrel
  3. Redgage
  4. Xomba
  5. WebAnswers
  6. Seekyt

You should always submit original content on these websites after registering. They do a good monitoring over everything and never accept copies and pasted material. Start with something that you are interested in.

3. Make Money Online with Youtube

You must be wondering as how someone can make money with Youtube. As a teenager you must be watching videos on Youtube daily. However watching videos will not fetch you money. There are many teenagers who make thousands of dollar via Youtube. Some are even millionaires. Even I am jealous of their hard work and earned money.

make money with youtube

Youtube has inbuilt revenue system which operates on a program by Google called Google Adsense. You need to upload videos on Youtube. You can make videos of any kind. Once you upload videos and get few thousand views then Youtube send an email asking you to join their program. It gives some serious money if video views are coming from developed nations such as US, UK, Australia and Canada.

You need to find what are you good at on which videos can be made. Do you play guitar? Do you like to dance? Are you learning something which most people try? Do you have good fashion sense? Do you like to sing? Can you provide tips on gardening, hiking, climbing, camping etc? Do you like to travel? Can you teach something like maths, physics and other subjects? 

So find that one topic and start making videos. You don’t need to be super professional. You can shoot videos with your mobile camera. People like to see normal videos with original person giving views on something. Make a plan as how will you proceed with the topic. Make it part by part going from basics to advanced. Upload videos and promote them via Facebook, Twitter and other social networking websites for initial views. Youtube automatically suggests your uploaded videos just like you see videos on right side whenever you are watching video of anything.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can be done by anyone. Basically you are going to promote a product from a company and when someone purchased the product then you will get commission out of it. You can start promoting products of shopping websites such as Amazon, Reebok, Shopify, Puntomio and tourism related website like lonelyplanet. In fact find some top shopping websites from your country and join their affiliate program.

earn money affiliate marketing

Get your unique affiliate link and start promoting product on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and on your blog/website. You will paid good commission on every product sold once people visit the particular website. You will get commission even if they purchase any other product within 24 hours (cookie time).

Affiliate marketing is a tough nut to crack for teenagers but it give some hefty commission and that’s why I’m recommending it. Commission shown in pic differs from website to website.

5. Freelancing

Freelancing is one of the easiest and quickest way to earn real money online. There are tons of websites on which you can do freelancing. You will become a freelancer on these websites. Freelancer simply means you will do a specific task depending upon your SKILL. I am pretty sure you must be skilled in something. It can be anything from making presentations to making high quality videos. There is a vast variety of work available for which people want freelancer. Thousands of work are posted daily on these websites. They pay you good money once you complete the work in the specified time limit.

Here I am going to list major categories in which you can find work:

  • Writers
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Web Developers
  • Mobile Developers
  • Designers and Creatives
  • Customer service Agents
  • Sales and marketing experts
  • Data Entry
  • Web Research
  • IT and Networking.

Frankly speaking, there are 100’s of categories in which you can find work according to your skill.

Do you know your strongest skill? Skill is something in which you can outmatch others. You are an expert in that area. I can be a expert in making Powerpoint presentations while you can be a expert in Microsoft Excel. Look at the below image and see if you have any one of them or have any skill better than these….

ways to make money online


View More Skills

Below is a list of websites on which you can find work as a freelancer. Registration on these websites is totally free.

  1. Odesk
  2. Elance
  3. Freelancer
  4. RentACoder
  5. GetaFreeLancer
  6. Gofreelance
  7. Guru

Most of these websites can be used by teenager. You can ask your parents permission to register if it requires above 18 years of age. Registration is totally free so even your parents will agree to let you register and work online.

6. Sell Photographs | Graphics | Illustrations | Audio | Video | Codes | Apps and more….

All the above things can be sold on internet if you made it. There are number of websites where you can sell your work. The best part about this work is that you will earn money throughout your life by selling these items. It’s more like you are giving a licence to other people to use your work like photos or codes and in return they pay you an amount set by you. This is super cool.

However in order to earn money from this technique you need to be skilled in any one of the above work. The items will be made only once by you and you will get money from them forever. You will even clients who will ask you to customize your work according to their requirements and they will pay you extra money for it.

Photographs can be sold either as Individuals or in stock (Collection of pics). There are number of famous websites on which you can sell high quality photographs taken by you. They have certain requirements which you will come to know during your free registration process. I am listing these popular websites for selling of images:

Out of these, You can sell almost every above listed item on Envato Marketplace. It’s a group of 8 websites operating together. You can register as a seller on Envato. If you sell your items exclusively then you will get more commission. On all the above websites, you can register for free. Read their rules and regulations. Here is pic of Envato:



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