Google Panda 4.0 and Its Immediate Effect on My Website!

All over the internet everyone is talking about Google Panda 4.0 update. Every website which is related to blogging, SEO and similar are talking number of articles showing as how Google panda 4.0 search algorithm changed the ranking for many top websites. While there are many losers but many winners too. 

So questions is : What is Google Panda 4.0 update all about? I’m not an expert on these kind of things but I certainly have enough knowledge to understand its impact on my websites. Even I was confused when the traffic stats started to change around 20th May 2014. I have no idea why it was happening to me but then I came across a blog having Google Panda 4.0 blog post on its front page.

Basically, Google Panda 4.0 update emphasizes on high quality content websites along with websites with regular fresh content. If your website qualifies both the above criteria’s then you will be least affected by this search update.

There are no. of big names in the list which got hit by this update. Look at list below:

  1. Ebay
  2. ASK

Let’s not talk about these failure websites whose traffic has dropped almost 40%. For thousands of keywords; they have been pushed to second page or higher from page one of Google.

My Website and Google Panda 4.0

I have several websites. I only update only few of them regularly. As Google Panda rolled out, I immediately saw the huge impact on my websites because of this algorithm. It was unbelievable for me as I did not have any idea that Google rolled some search updates.

Look at the below Google Analytics data on 19th May 2014 for one of my websites ( Not this website):


Here is what Matt Cutts ( Hope you heard the name) tweeted on 20th May 2014:

Look at the date he tweeted : 20th may 2014. Now watch my website traffic on 20th May 2014 :

Google Panda Effect

Click to Enlarge

You can see a huge traffic increase of around 700-750. I receive around 82% of traffic from Google search results. So, If the Google Panda got rolled out then certainly I am one of the winners.

And that’s not it. The traffic continued to rise within the week and the next to next Monday, my website traffic again got skyrocketed as you can see in the pics above. Reason being Google Panda took the full effect on the website. Wait let me show you in this one giving you side by side view:


In November 2013, my traffic was around 100 visitors per day and it’s now almost 4000 visitors per day. Imagine how much the traffic has changed since last 7 months.

If your website traffic went down because of Google Panda then certainly you need to pay attention to your content. You need to be more concentrated and aggressive towards your content strategy.

The data shown above for my website has few things which I can tell you : 

  • Content throughout the website is related. Better say, content written is towards one topic. Suppose you wrote about iPhone’s then if your website should be full of mobile related articles then certainly your website will rank higher in search results.
  • Proper keyword Research : The niche that i write about has thousands of websites. Initially when I started my website, I figured that they are just writing content without any keyword research. Well, I combined my 4 years of SEO practice and I outranked number of bigger websites.
  • Timely update : If you are thinking that I am updating the website on a daily basis then you are wrong. I don’t have that much time. But i do update the website atleast 10 times in a month.
  • I highly suggest you guys for not writing any seasonal content on your websites. You need to write content which people need even after 100 years from now on.
  • Freebies : I do offer a lot of freebies and people seem to love it. There are millions of people around the globe searching for freebies. However you have to make sure that your freebies matches your niche else there will be negative effect.

How does the traffic to my website affected me..?

Yes, it affected me too. It has boosted my online income from affiliate programs. I am making more money than my previous months. The exchange rate for my country for $1 is more than 50 in my currency.  If i make $10/day it’s like 500 for me. If the trend continues, I will be making a good amount of money.

What Else Happened?

Look at the Screenshot below from my Feedburner Email Subscription.

I challenge you if you have seen anything like this before ( Talking about the growth curve): –

Feedburner Experiment

In December 2013, I had 136 subscribers. As of 4th June 2014, I have 3381 Subscribers.

So, now you must be thinking what did i changed after December? Is it because of the traffic increase? For the fact, In December 2013 to April 2014, I was barely getting 200-300 visitors a day. So there is no chance of how I increased my subscription rate so high.

As of now because of traffic increase, I am getting around 150+ daily subscriptions to my website. Around 80+ are confirming their email addresses. In a month, it’s going to be 2400+ email subscriptions. Imagine after a year, If I promote an affiliate product, how much money I am gonna make because those subscriptions are not random. They are highly targeted as my website is one niche.

A Simple Idea Can Change Your Life. Right?

How did i do that and how am i doing this right now also ?

Wait for my next post and Don’t forget to subscribe.

Do give your valuable suggestions and also tell how Google Panda affected your website.

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