August 2014 Monthly Income : Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing

Experiments with ad units changed earnings a little bit in the last week of July and the same continued in August. Google Adsense earnings continued to increase overall. I am still experimenting till I get the perfect units at perfect places. I also implement the same on other websites too. Till now, it’s going well and hopefully it’s going to improve over time.

Below are the earnings :

Google Adsense for August 2014

Google Adsense Content : $757 ( Approx.)

                                    Youtube : $ 34 ( Approx.)

                             Grand Total : $ 791.10 ( Google calculated)

Converting into Indian National Rupees…..

     Total ( INR ) : $791.10 * 59.6 = RS 47149.56 

59.6 was the conversion rate by the bank last time for Google Adsense earnings. I expect it to increase to 60 when it coverts at the end of September.

Flipkart Affiliate Earnings

Second largest source of income for me. Last month it was around 24K.

Flipkart August Earnings : RS 19600 ( Approx.) = $ 329 ( Approx.)

It’s more like Amazon but website operates only in India.

Amazon Affiliate Earnings

Amazon is giving almost same amount of money every month. Have improved and added some more content on the website. Hoping it will increase in the month of September.

Amazon Earnings : $ 90 ( Approx).


Grand Total for August 2014 = $ 791.10 + $329 + $ 90 = $ 1210.10

Conversion into INR = $1210.10 * 59.6 = RS 72121.96         ( 72K )

An Increase of almost 2K from last month.


Total Expenditure = I’m really not sure just like last time 😉 May be around $35 for domain names and renewals.


Problems Faced : Due to high increase in traffic to one my websites, website was continuously going down. I saw almost 411 faults in 24 hours. Sometimes it was the CPU usage and sometimes process limit. BTW I’m on Multidomain Linux Shared Hosting.

How Did I resolve : Install a Plugin called W3 Total Cache and configured it properly according to W3beginner tutorial.

Result : Barely 4-5 faults.  ( I wanted to transfer to VPS and contacted however told that you have to do everything manually and then I installed W3 Total Cache)


Reasons for Going down of my Websites : In shared hosting, you are always allotted limited no. processes and each process can handle 256 workers at each time. Say it can handle 256 request at a time.

I was having 198 requests alone on my homepage. If one visitors comes to my homepage, there were 198 requests to be completed by server to load my homepage properly. Biggest reason my website was showing error “Resource limit exceeded.”


I already told about W3 total cache plugin which is free.

Other things which i did.  I checked my website speed on many websites and it was quite long than normal. You can use the below site to have a detail checkup as what’s causing your website or blog to slowdown.  and Google Page speed checker.

I found everything from plugins to images which were loading slowly and responding slowly. Removed them, optimized images for web and voila…. I reduced requests on homepage to 78. It was now loading faster than ever.


Total effect in September : Google Adsense Earnings Doubled because of better visibility on mobiles and faster responses on Desktops.

Check below image how Google Adsense is showing changes as of now for Multiscreen, site health and revenue optimization. September will be heavy in terms of earnings.

adAs you can see, the features got updated on 16th September and everything is going up in the month of September.

Affiliate earnings are going at the same speed. Trying to speed up Google Amazon.

Purchased 4 more domain names this month. Already wrote the homepage content for one of them.


Reasons for huge earnings change : Changes in website AND….

A website from last year which I purchased, wrote 3-4 articles and left it. I noticed it was getting traffic around 100 US visitors. I was like WHAT!

100 US visitors can change your life. Believe me…It’s true.

Concentrate on getting visitors from US. It’s very crucial to boost your earnings.

I added Adsense unit on the website. Next Day, it started giving me close to $25 per day. Reason being CPC is way too high. Ranging from $0.50 to $3.00 So i don’t need much click to make handsome money in my countries currency.


Let’s see how it goes…..

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