7 Reasons to Create a Photography Website Today

Every photographer needs a website now a days to showcase their work online to millions of people in the world. If you are a great photographer with a website that showcases images taken by you then you will surely get opportunities from firms and individuals for photography. Still many photographers are totally confused about creating a website. They think it will take a lot of time, money and effort to create a photography website.

Making a photography website or any portfolio website is half hour work. Yes, you can setup the website in less than 30 minutes. You can do it yourself right now. However you need to know exact reasons before you decide to create a photography website for yourself.  Reasons as how this website is going to scale up your personality and business.

Here are top reasons as why you should create a photography website right away:

  1. It makes you more professional. There will be literally hundreds of photographers in your area. You are in direct competition with others. How can you look different from others? Do you really think a large number of people will come at your place to see your work? Offcourse, NO. Only few people will come. People search for terms like “wedding photographers in maryland city” on Google. If you have a website and you come on top of results in Google. People will visit your photography website, see your work and can contact you. You will be way ahead professionally from others. Isn’t it cool? Check these website: Eric Ryan Anderson and Jeremy Cowart
  2. It makes your name a Brand. People love brands just like you. A great website showcasing your best images will make anyone take you seriously. It will differentiate you from competition. It helps you create loyalty. People will refer you to their friends and family after seeing you work. It will help you close number of deals.
  3. You can sell your photos. There are number of websites on which you can sell your photos but they always take a good proportion from what you earn. If you have a website then you can charge independently for each photo or stock photos and you will get the full money. Check Gavin Gough Website.
  4. It helps your promote your photos. You must have already created a profile on many photo websites. If you have photography website of yourself then you can upload all the images for more promotion. You can link your website to your profiles on social networking websites and photography websites. Number of people will visit your link and share your pics on social media. It will give you more exposure and opportunity.
  5. With a website you can join the photo blogging community. There are many websites which only concentrate on photo blogging. If you want to join website like VFXY and photoblogs.org then you need a website. These website show the most popular pic from thousands of blog around the world. You can connect to many photographers from expertise area. You can take tips from pro photographers. There is a lot of chances that you will learn many good things on such photo blog communities.
  6. To promote your photography business. If you are already in the photography business then having a website will make sure that you get more clients. List your clients and work done on the website for people to have a look. They can contact you via Contact Me page that you will create on your website. You can promote your offline photography business online. It will be totally free too.
  7. You can make money with a website. A photography blog does not mean that you can’t make money from other ways on your blog. You can sell display ads on your website. You can show Google ads, sell your photography ebook, promote amazon products to get commission, promote an affiliate product related to photography. You can do number of such things which will fetch you an additional income monthly.

A photography website has a very big advantage over others. Don’t lag behind your competition. Create your photography website now for reasons mentioned above.It will only take 30 minutes of your time.

Follow our step by step guide to create your first website:

Build your Photography Website from Scratch

You can follow the above guide to learn everything about setting up your website. It will teach you to how to register your website name and hosting package. It will also teach about WordPress platform on which website is made. It will also teach to as how to get perfect theme for your website. If you have any queries regarding setup, do leave a comment here and I will be happy to help.

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